Training Of Trainers. It comes under Security Sector Skill Development Council (SSSDC). As there is constant need of trainer in Security Sectors, ICCS provides this program for the trainers to be trained. Also, from time to time the trainers of different organizations require a revised training session so as to be proficient in their work. The training is divided into two parts; Domain Training, and Platform Training.

Domain Training lasts for three days, also called subject training. Platform Training is of seven days, which is also called practical training. SSSDC does the assessment of the trainers based on Domain Training, and the ones who qualify it further goes for Platform Training. These trainers are given a Security Skill Certificate and they are from then on certified to be professional trainers. ICSS has used them as certified trainers under PMKVY and NSQF schemes.

Allotted: 54

Passed: 38

Placed: 38

Status: Ongoing