India a country of myriad contradictions, on the one hand our economy is growing very fast and robust while on the other hand there is a huge section of the society which is under privileged in terms of basic necessities. As a responsible corporate citizen ICCS thrives to contribute the much to the society by strengthening the security landscape of the country. ICSS has not only equipped more than 35000 security professionals with the advanced security programs dedicated to the country, but has also harnessed them to combat the security threats looming over the country.

Let us look to some of our contributions to the society:

SECL India- with the work force of more than 2 lakhs along with a bunch of facilities, it risks a sense of encroachment of the entire critical security infrastructure. ICSS has taken a pledge to train and certify 421 professionals to help secure SECL India. With the help of advanced and hybrid security training, these security professionals would surpass their current agility and potential for the betterment of SECL.

The training includes various key elements that encompass a lot of security measures like emergency response, disaster management and recovery. We are proud to call ourselves an extended Security arm of SECL. Not only ICSS trained the professionals extensively along with the training. We have certified them as trained Security Professionals. ICSS also conducts various security assessment programs for SECL to maintain their Safety Quality standards, ideal and effective. With the par excellence in security industry, ICSS also provides Security and Safety Improvement inputs to SECL from time to time.

ICSS had always and will be proud to contribute to India’s economy by securing the valuable mineral asset of the country through the faction called SECL.

MICROSOFT- ICSS trained women security guards in Microsoft, to support marginalized and stigmatized females. The project trained the guards to help the victimized achieve alternate livelihood and empower to live a life of dignity. The trainees’ skills were groomed in such a way so as to be required by security personnel and to make them employable in security sector. It helped them in seeking wage employment.

Details of theno. of guards trained:

Allotted in the training- 90

Passed the training- 90

Zydus Cadilla, Ahmadabad- ICSS provided a motivational session for the security team of Zydus Cadila. The program was based mainly on psychological behavior of people in hazardous situations, and their assessment was done by a psychometric test. Details of the training program are as such:


• Communication skills

• Observational skills

• Attention to details

• Common sense

• Good decision making skills


• Pride of joy

• Job satisfaction

• Staff engagement

• Motivational videos


• Duties and responsibilities of various post

• Security system

• Disaster emergencies

• Safety of plant

• First aid and casuality management

No. of trainees allotted- 90

No. of trainees passed- 90