First Aid & Emergency Response

JRS (Jeevan Rakshan Samiti) has extensive experience in conducting customized Life Skills training related to first aid & safety issues. Our Chairman, Lt Gen(Dr) N S Malik, PVSM, Veteran and Director, Brig Narayan Malik, Veteran, have trained more than 70,000 individuals till date through our varied programs. The training content has been designed in a way which will empower a person to handle any emergency situation. An extraordinary situation where there are serious and immediate threats to human life, property and environment as a result of: Accidents, Sudden illness, and Natural & Manmade Disasters.

Our Emergency Response & Life Saving Skills training program essentially covers the following important topics:

• Road safety

• First responder

• Disaster management

• Leadership training

The objectives of First Aid Training program are as follows:

• Creating awareness and developing an attitude and potential to help people in distress

• Equip the participants with knowledge and skills to deal with any emergency situation at work, at home or at any place.

• Create a corpus of emergency response clusters across India with skilled emergency responders.

• Motivate to learn Emergency Response & lifesaving skills & come forward to help save a life.

• Inculcates value assessment and managerial skills to optimize use of available resources.

trainings play an important role in creating a sizable force of Good Samaritans in the country. These young people will emerge as acceptable community leaders along with carrying out their usual youthful activities. Today we urgently need the value addition of Safety into our environment. And ICSS gives a full scale first aid program and Emergency Response Training in various organizations. Our main projects holders are DMRC, Apeejay Chain of Schools, Amity University, Wall Mart, where we have given First aid and Emergency response Training.